Ottawa Police Services Board

Meeting #:
Electronic Participation
  • Chair: Suzanne Valiquet, 
  • Mayor Mark Sutcliffe, 
  • Councillor Cathy Curry, 
  • Councillor Marty Carr, 
  • Michael Doucet, 
  • Salim Fakirani, 
  • and Peter Henschel

Krista Ferraro, Executive Director

(613) 560-1270

[email protected]


This meeting may be viewed online on the Ottawa City Council YouTube Channel or via Zoom

Accessible formats and communication supports are available, upon request.

In accordance with its Procedure Bylaw, the Board will be meeting briefly in public in order to resolve in-camera.

The Board will be moving back into a public session at 2:00pm to receive the audit reports pertaining to the Ottawa Police Service’s Response to the Convoy Protest from the City of Ottawa’s Auditor General. The agenda for the public meeting can be viewed here: Ottawa Police Services Board - February 09, 2023 (

  • That the Ottawa Police Services Board adjourn the public portion of its meeting to move In Camera to receive a briefing from the Chief of Police on potential demonstrations in the month of February in accordance with Section 35(4)(b) of the Police Services Act.

  1. Briefing On Potential Demonstration Activity In February
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