Ottawa Police Services Board

Meeting #:
73 Special Meeting Tabling of 2023 Budget/ Réunion extraordinaire dépôt du budget 2023
Electronic Participation
  • Chair: Suzanne Valiquet, 
  • Mayor Mark Sutcliffe, 
  • Councillor Cathy Curry, 
  • Councillor Marty Carr, 
  • Michael Doucet, 
  • Salim Fakirani, 
  • and Peter Henschel

Krista Ferraro, Executive Director

(613) 560-1270

[email protected]


This meeting may be viewed online on the Ottawa City Council YouTube Channel or via Zoom

Accessible formats and communication supports are available, upon request.

  • That the Ottawa Police Services Board confirm the agenda of the 01 February 2023 meeting.


Documents to be tabled at the meeting

  • That the Ottawa Police Services Board receive and table the Ottawa Police Service 2023 Draft Operating and Capital Budgets, to be considered at the Board meeting on 27 February 2023.

  • Finance and Audit Committee Meeting- Wednesday, February 15, 2023- 10:00 AM
  • Regular Meeting – Monday, February 27, 2023 - 4:00 PM
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