Committee of Adjustment

Panel 1

Ben Franklin Place, The Chamber, Main Floor, 101 Centrepointe Drive, and by electronic participation

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Simultaneous interpretation in both official languages, accessible formats and communication supports are available for any specific agenda item by calling the Committee information number at least 72 hours in advance of the hearing.


Coordinator: Sarah Shuel

Panel Members:

Chair: Ann M. Tremblay 

Members: John Blatherwick, Simon Coakeley, Arto Keklikian, Sharon Lécuyer


Minor Variance Application

(Falsetto Homes Inc.)

 To permit a reduced lot width, lot area, and interior side yard setbacks for the construction of an eight-unit, low-rise apartment building.  

(Agent: J. Kelly)

D08-01-23/B-00355 - 00356

Consent Applications

(Larchwood Urban Developments Inc.)

To subdivide the property into two sperate parcels of land to create separate ownership for each half of the existing long semi-detached dwelling and to establish easements for access and parking

(Agent: S. Soor)


Minor Variance Application

(David and Anjali Rue)

To permit a reduced interior side yard setback and rear yard setback for the construction of a one-story addition.

4.1  D08-01-23/B-00350 - 00353

4.2  D08-02-23/A-00323 - 00326

Consent & Minor Variance Applications

(Donald Wight and Michael Szczygiel)

To sever the lot for four townhouse dwellings with reduced lot areas and increased building height. 

(Agent: J. Bolduc)


Minor Variance Application

(Ingrid Burgetz and Christopher Porter)

To permit a reduced front yard setback for the construction of a second storey addition at the front of the dwelling. 

(Agent: C. Mulholland)

D08-02-23/A-00292 - 00293

Minor Variance Applications

(Michael Krapez and Clara Mustata)

To permit reduced interior side and rear yard setbacks for the construction of a three-storey addition at the rear of the existing two-storey, semi-detached dwelling.

(Agent: M. Krapez)


Permission Application

(National Association of Friendship Centres)

To permit a one-storey addition at the rear of the existing building.

(Agent: A. Teramura)


Minor Variance Application

(Mirza Kanani and Larissa Satta)

To permit a reduced corner side yard setback for the construction of a second storey addition.


Consent Application

(Marie Campion and Joseph Milner )

To subdivide the property to create separate ownerships for each half of the semi-detached dwelling currently under construction. 

(Agent: J. Paoloni)


Minor Variance Application

(Wei Wei)

To permit the construction of a two-storey detached dwelling with a front-facing attached garage

(Agent: C. McCuaig)


Permission Application

(2439702 Ontario Inc.)

To permit a change in use from a three-unit dwelling to a seven-unit, low-rise apartment building (containing three oversized dwelling units).

(Agent: C. Jalkotzy)

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