Ottawa Police Services Board
Finance and Audit Committee

Meeting #:
Electronic Participation
  • Suzanne Valiquet 
  • and Councillor Cathy Curry 

This meeting may be viewed online on the Ottawa City Council YouTube Channel or via Zoom


Krista Ferraro, Executive Director

(613) 560-1270

[email protected]


  • That the Ottawa Police Services Board confirm the agenda of the 15 February 2023 meeting.

  • That the Ottawa Police Services Board confirm Minutes #18 of the 10 November 2022 meeting.


Those looking to be added to the speakers list are required to register before Tuesday, February 14 at 4:00pm. Written submissions are also being accepted before the noted deadline.
The final public delegate list will be recorded as part of the minutes for the February 15, 2023 meeting. The Board office will be in touch directly with delegates who have requested to speak.

  • That the Finance and Audit Committee receive the presentation and delegations for information and consideration.

To be determined.