Committee of Adjustment

Panel 2

Ben Franklin Place, The Chamber, Main Floor, 101 Centrepointe Drive, and by electronic participation

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Simultaneous interpretation in both official languages, accessible formats and communication supports are available for any specific agenda item by calling the Committee information number at least 72 hours in advance of the hearing.


Coordinator: Geoff Huson

Panel Members:

Chair: Fabian Poulin

Members: Jay Baltz, George Barrett, Heather MacLean, Julianne Wright


Consent Applications

(2710390 Ontario Inc.)

To subdivide the property into two parcels for two new detached dwellings with secondary units. 

(Agent: J. D'Aoust)


Consent Applications

(Minto Greenfiled GP INC. Greeffield Limited Partnership)

To convey a portion of the property to the abutting property to the east, known municipally as 3960 Greenbank Road.

(Agent: T. Freeman)


Minor Variance Application

(Robert and Christie Lander)

To permit a reduced setback from the Ottawa River for a septic system, and an increased distance from a garage to the entrance and porch projection of a two-storey detached dwelling. 

(Agent: B. Davis)

4.1  D08-01-23/B-00208, 00219

4.2  D08-02-23/A-00201, 00217

Consent & Minor Variance Applications

(Ottawa Salus Corporation, Under Agreement to Purchase and Sale)

To subdivide the property into two for a low-rise apartment building and a townhouse block, with a reduced lot area, lot width, side yard, parking space length and landscaped areas, increased walkways and driveway width, and front yard parking.

(Agent: H. Kahn)

6.1  D08-01-23/B-00057 - 00058,

6.2  D08-02-23/A-00110

Consent & Minor Variance Applications

Adjourned from June 6, 2023

(Royal S.M.S. Construction Inc.)

To subdivide the property into three parcels of land for a long semi-detached dwelling and a detached dwelling, with reduced front and rear yard setbacks for the detached dwelling.

(Agent: E. Ghossein)


Minor Variance Application

Adjourned from September 19, 2023

(David Baron)

To permit a covered deck to be located closer to the normal high-water mark.

(Agent: A. Soor)

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