Committee of Adjustment

Panel 1

Ben Franklin Place, The Chamber, Main Floor, 101 Centrepointe Drive, and by electronic participation

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Coordinator: Maxime Lavoie

Panel Members:

Chair: Ann M. Tremblay 

Members: John Blatherwick, Simon Coakeley, Arto Keklikian, Sharon Lécuyer


Consent Applications

(Benoit Paquet, Kevin Rodrigues and Christina Zozula)

To subdivide the property into two separate parcels of land to establish separate ownership for each half of the existing semi-detached dwelling.

(Agent: J. D'Aoust)


Minor Variance Application

(13093931 Canada Inc.)

To permit reduced number of parking spaces for the construction of a three-storey, low rise dwelling.

(Agent: P. Hume)


Minor Variance Application

(Ian McNeil)

To permit an increased building height for the existing 1.5 storey accessory structure located in the rear yard .

(Agent: N. Semanyk)


Permission Application

(927 Wellington Street Inc.)

To permit a heavy equipment and vehicle sales, rental, and servicing use.

(Agent: A.Thompson)

D08-02-23/A-00264 - 00265

Minor Variance Application

(505 Dawson)

To permit front-facing garages for each of the proposed two-storey semi-detached dwellings.

(Agent: M. Segreto)


Consent Applications

(Batool Kahlili)

To subdivide the property into two separate parcels to create separate ownership for each half of the semi-detached dwelling, each with a secondary dwelling unit, currently under construction.   

(Agent: P. Robinson)


Minor Variance Application

(Ching Fun Lam)

To permit a reduced front yard setback and the principal entrance to face the corner lot line for an enclosed porch.

(Agent: M. Chan)

8.1  D08-01-23/B-00225, 00256

8.2  D08-02-23/A-00248 - 00249

Consent & Minor Variance Applications

(Mehrzad Ziai, Mehran Frohar, Ninava Ltd. and Henga Ottawa Realty Inc.)

To subdivide the property into two separate parcels, to construct, two, 8-unit, low-rise apartment buildings with reduced lot widths, areas, interior side yard setbacks and front yard soft landscaped area.

(Agent: P. Robinson)


Minor Variance Application

(Richcraft Highrise Rental Ltd. Properties)

To construct a detached dwelling with reduced lot area, front and rear yard setbacks and rear yard area.

(Agent: M. McElligott)

D08-02-23/A-00127 - 00128

Minor Variance Application

(13394450 Canada Inc.)

To permit front yard parking, pathways extending to the right of way, a reduced landscaped buffer, basement level entrances to secondary dwelling units, and reduced rear yards for the construction of a two-storey semi-detached dwelling.

(Agent: R. Hill)

11.1  D08-01-23/B-00287- 00289 & 00292

11.2  D08-02-23/A-00269 - 00270 & 00273 - 00274

Consent & Minor Variance Applications

(Prestwick Building Corp.)

To subdivide the property into four parcels for the construction of two semi-detached dwellings, with front-facing garages, reduced rear yards and increased front landing and step projections.

(Agent: J. Adams)


Minor Variance Application

Adjourned from November 15, 2023

(Bramel Developments Inc.)

To permit a reduced lot area, lot width, interior side yard setback, driveway and parking space partially under the building for the construction of a single family dwelling with secondary dwelling unit.

(Agent: K. Gates)

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